Top 3 FAVORITE Cooking Products for Aesthetics~ + Face Mask/Egg Explanation!

I love simplicity. Yep. It’s pretty awesome. So I made a list of 10 products I try to always have in the house for when I feel like I need an easy fix for random skin or hair problems. How’s that for the theme of simplicity? Enjoy~!

1) Apple Cider Vinegar

-I now love this stuff. I read somewhere that people would take a shot of it to help keep their body’s chemistry in balance, lose weight and detox. Now, after further reading, the actual facts to back all these claims up were questionable but it didn’t change the fact when, used in other ways, it really does make a difference. Now, what I do, is dilute a random amount of it (usually  just around a teaspoon) with some water (usually around a tablespoon) and moisten cotton squares with the solution. If you have break outs or uneven skin tone I feel this works like a charm. Also, if your hair is feeling weighed down, give your scalp a good scrub with some of this solution and it’ll get rid of build up and give the volume back.  *For me, I try not to use it too often because Apple Cider Vinegar is very acidic and I don’t like putting my skin through too much. That’s why it is good to water it down.*

2) Coconut Oil

– Well, this one is obvious. It moisturizes… everything. Hair, skin, lips. Just roll around in it, slather it on, shove your face in it, there’s no going wrong. So if I am out of lotion, and my skin needs a pick me up, I rub coconut oil on. I LOVE the smell. SO. MUCH. And if my hair is feeling brittle, I rub a little amount of coconut oil on the ends and smooth whatever is left over my hair. *After, make sure to wash your hair REALLY good. I mean it. Because I hate coming out of the shower and blow drying my hair just to find out that it looks dirtier than before I went in.*

3) Salt

-“Hmm, Salt you say? Why, you are mad! MAD!” Maybe, but salt is very helpful. If I feel like I might be getting blackheads (UGH) or I need a good exfoliation, I soak a bunch of salt in a bit of water and once it is mostly dissolved, rub it all on your face or… wherever, for about 30 seconds and wash it off. *This may dry out your face, so maybe have a bit of Coconut Oil around. Wink Wink*

EGGS: Do they work?

Eggs really work. There, I said it. Done. And they are especially helpful if you know what they do. I will give a quick explanation of what the difference between the yolk and the white of the egg is so you can better utilize this kitchen staple for your needs possible future creations of your own.

-Egg yolk is a very rich moisturizer. The yolk, of course, is the yellow part of the egg. *cough cough* It contains mostly water, a bit of protein and between the most and a bit, there is a bunch of fat. If your face is feeling dry just throw some egg yolk o your face and let it sit there for 10 minutes. It will feel wonderfully smooth.

-Egg whites help shrink pores and tighten skin. To use this, I usually mix it with other things. The problem with using this by itself is that unless you find a way to somehow lay perfectly still for ten minutes, a lot of it will not stay on your face. But that’s okay. You just need to rub it in as much as possible and it will have the same tightening effect.

So, use this as you will.

BONUS: Face mask recipe

What you will need:

1)Eggs x1  (help with pore shrinkage and dry skin)

2)Greek yogurt x2 tablespoon (moisture, but mainly to help keep it all together)

3) Banana’s or Avocado x1/2   (moisture)

4) Sugar xHowever much you think is necessary but I put in about a tablespoon (Exfoliation)

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