Papa Cristo’s: Greek Restaurant, Market, Catering & Bakery

I must begin by emphasizing my love for food. I love love LOVE food. And I have especially taken a liking to Mediterranean food lately. So when my dad suggested we go to a Greek restaurant on Pico and Normandie Blvd., my sister and I immediately agreed. As we approached the door, I was surprised to see all the Zagat and Food Network stickers. Being a faithful Food Network viewer, I couldn’t believe I had not seen or heard of Papa Cristo’s before.

We went inside and were first greeted by baked goods. Once we were done looking at their extensive menu, all of us, except my mom, ordered the Gyro Plate, which consisted of a spiced Lamb Beef Blend roasted on a vertical spit. The Gyro Plate also included Greek potatoes and salad, warm Pita bread, and Tzatziki sauce. Tzatziki, (for those who don’t know), is a cool, creamy Greek dip sauce made of yogurt, cucumber, fresh herbs, and seasoned with Garlic. We took our number and were handed a piece of paper with phrases to learn in Greek, such as “Hello/ Goodbye”, “I’m hungry”, and “Good Food”. We walked around, looking at the meats, cheeses, and Greek baked goods. We then sat outside and waited for our food. No more than ten minutes later, our food had arrived, and all I could say was, “Oh my god”. The portions were HUUUUGE!!! Now, I know a lot of people will sometimes say, “the portions are sooo big” and when you take their word for it, you’re disappointed to see that the portions are actually…. well…. not that big -_-…. yes, it happens. BUT, I promise you, these portions are incredibly huge, even for someone like me who cleans her plate every time and is yet, constantly hungry. Unless you wish to take leftovers for lunch the next day, I definitely recommend sharing this with at leeeaast one other person.


See? It barely fits on the plate! (lol)

My mom ordered the Greek Salad Meal, which also included some Gyro meat on the side, as well as Pita, and Tzatziki sauce.

Image Image

Once the initial shock wore off, we began to eat and were not disappointed. The gyro was soooo tender and juicy. The salad was fresh and had the right amount of Feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives. The potatoes were soft and well-seasoned, and the Tzatziki sauce was to die for! Sooo creamy and cool against my tongue. It complimented the slight saltiness of the gyro and the warmth of the pita. And I absolutely fell in love with the Pita (which my dad kept calling a tortilla, lmao!!!) It was not like the pita you buy at your local grocery store; you could really tell it was freshly made.

I ate beyond the point of being full, but when something is as delicious as this meal was, you just don’t want the euphoria to stop.

The environment of the restaurant is nice and homey; the service is prompt and friendly; the price for the amount of portions is really worth it (Gyro Plate: $12.99; Greek Salad Meal:$12.99); and the food is delicious and authentic!!! Although I would love for the Gyro Plate to include some hummus and an extra Pita for all the gyro they serve, you could always order a side of hummus as an appetizer before your meal, and order an extra pita for 50 cents.

Overall, I would give Papa Cristo’s a 4.7/5 and would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to try some authentic Greek food!

Yassou! (Goodbye!)

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