Do We Change?

From time to time, I log into my old blogs to read some of my old posts. This allows me to see where I was in High School in comparison to where I am now. I do feel more matured and a little bit more experienced and more intelligent.  But, in essence, I am the same person. A few similarities that I have noticed based on my past blogs would be:

1) I hate school. This is something that I posted in the 10th grade. “I hate school. I honestly do. I’ve never hated school before, but now, I just hate it.” That is an outlook on school that hasn’t improved much since the 10th grade. In fact, it hasn’t improved at all. I didn’t think about it so much my freshman year of college, because college was new and exciting, and I was filled with euphoria just to be away from home. Once it became routine, I realized that I was simply in school yet again, and the feelings of hate returned.

2) People think I’m mean. I quote myself: “[Name removed] thinks I’m mean because I said that not all babies are cute. There ARE ugly babies in the world. Who would deny it?” One of my roommates used the word “grouchy” to describe me. A good friend of mine would sum it up to be that I am a cantankerous person. It’s all in my personality. I am who I am, and since I have friends, I obviously can’t be that terrible of a person.

3) I was disorganized and confused when it came to school-related things. Throughout most of my old blogs, I comment about how disorganized I was and about how my classes were kicking my a-frame. This is no different today. I procrastinate, I fall behind in my classes, I’m still a disorganized mess (despite the fact that I actually have a talent for organization), and my classes are still kicking my a-frame.

I just thought that it was interesting to note. It would be a lie for me to say that people never change. But more often than not, rather than changing, we simply develop into more mature versions of our current selves. For example, have you ever noticed that some toddlers who are perfectly fine playing by themselves and entertaining themselves tend to be the same way as adults? My brother is extremely introverted, and he has a few close relationships within the family. He’s always had a few close friends, but has never been one to need to be around multitudes and crowds. According to my mother, he didn’t scream and cry for attention as a child. If he had toys, he’d play by himself. So, if you look back over your life, in what areas would you say that you’ve changed? In what areas would you say you’ve simply developed?

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