Lotion body bar

Here’s a little something I made because I was out of deep moisturizing lotion. It’s pretty easy but you just have to make sure you measure it right Because too much beeswax makes it feel kinda strange and not melty enough.



.1/2 cup of coconut oil

.1 cup of cold-pressed Olive Oil or whatever your favorite oil is, like grapeseed or whatnot. (But I usually avoid Canola oil because it is just not as good. Some people really like Jojoba, which is really versatile, but it’s expensive and I haven’t tried it in this recipe yet.)

.1/3 of whatever you have measured will be the beeswax.

.3 cups of water (most of which will probably be poured out at the end.

I also let green tea steep in the water once it has been warmed up and I mixed blueberry juice in as well for my first batch.


.Blender or electric mixer (I find that stirring with spoons don’t work as well)

.Measuring cup

.Pots (to heat stuff up in)

Step One: heat up the water to about body temperature.

Step Two: Heat up the oil to about body temperature and add the beeswax.  Now for this, you CAN just boil it in a pot but watch it closely, make sure it doesn’t boil or burn. I have two pots that fit over one another to make it easier and keep the oil further from the flame but however you can manage is fine.

Step Three: Pour the water into a blender or whatever you are going to mix it in. Make sure the water and oil are about the same temperature.

Step Four: Pour in the Oil/Beeswax concoction. If the water is too cold the warmed up wax will immediately solidify when it hits the water and you won’t have time to mix it properly.

Step Five: Blend it together and pour whatever you have into a container or the wax will stick to your machine.

Step Six: Let it cool down and once you are satisfied with what has come together, pour out the remaining water and YOU’RE DONE!

Tips: I usually use this at night, before bed and especially after a shower because it takes like 10 minutes to soak into the skin and make it silky smooth. At first it will feel oily but it will go away quickly.

Also, be sure to scrub off everything the wax was in with warm water. It’ll wash off easier that way.


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