Endorphin craaaazy


This summer I’ve been working for Summer Pals, which is basically a day care center for kids ages 5 to 10 (Kindergarden to 5th grade). I’m what you would call one of the “leaders” so I basically frolic around and try to entertain them while still trying to make sure they don’t decapitate one another. I didn’t realize how crazy mad 17 wild chicadideedees are or even how much dirt can accumulate in your pores to cause the immense amount of acne all in one day’s work. So thank you proactive.


This is probably the best summer of my life. I’m in charge of second graders and I swear I’ve never gotten attacked with hugs so much. They are like little opihis clinging on for dear life and living only on praise and affection. They say the most darndest things and actually believe that milk feels pain. SOOOO MUCH POWER. Muwhehehe.

Anywhoos. There is just one more week left starting from tomorrow and I haven’t been this sad about leaving a job… ever. Probably because the past jobs have been made up with self containment from any human interaction and/or a sad cubicle. I swear on all the golden retrievers in the world that the only thing that gave me any sort of happiness was knowing that my chair swiveled. 😦 Boo… I don’t want to leave them kiddos cause I’m afraid that they won’t remember me when they hit their growth spurt. I’m hoping just the couple of kids that I’ve spent the most time with, Zion and Gaven (mini Paul), will remember me. 🙂

Who knooooows.

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